High-Potential Talent Development & Coaching

With competition for high performing talent intensifying in the world of business today, organizations need to be continuously finding innovative and effective ways to develop the talent pipeline, while supporting and growing the development of their high-potentials. CHA’s High-Potential Development Program is for organizations looking to empower high-potentials with a breakthrough process for success.

Applying insight and experience in working with this group, CHA provides customized, pragmatic and cost-effective approaches to building competencies and accelerating high-potential performance.  Her process helps high-potentials gain focus, leadership agility, emotional intelligence, and greater confidence.

Full executive coaching is typically not cost-effective for organizations to use with all high-potentials, thus it makes sense to have a program that takes less time and provides the least cost-intensive way to achieve acceleration of results.  The impact of this support for high-potentials can be seen at three levels: in the increase in individuals’ effectiveness, in the building of internal networks for success, and in the cultural ripple-out to the overall organization.

The High-Potential Development Process can have an impact in many areas that are typically challenges for high-potentials:

  • Specific behavioral change
  • Building competencies
  • Delivering on individual, team or organizational results
  • Accelerating and strengthening business relationships
  • Improving one’s personal “brand”
  • Expanding business knowledge to be seen as having an enterprise mindset
  • Gaining skills for the high-potential’s next position in the organization